Julien graduated from the Solvay Business School in 2015, and started working in multinational companies, first as a Demand Planner in the FMCG industry, then as a Business Analyst for a consultancy firm.

In December 2016 during the Christmas period, he wanted to offer a gift to his girlfriend Henriette who is a daily urban cyclist. Looking for a nice visible jacket he couldn’t find on the market, he spent some time analyzing the need and the opportunity linked to it, and decided in July 2017 to quit his job in order to focus on his project named at that time “à bicyclette”.

The idea was simple : offer an alternative to the necessary - but ugly - reflective fluo jacket worn by cyclists in cities.

In need of a creative fashion designer to complete his team and foster the evolution of the project, Julien contacted the Fashion & Design platform in Brussels (MAD) in order to get help to find this person. Luckily, the MAD put him directly in contact with Ludovica Imperato, an Italian fashion designer based in Brussels having a similar vision to his vision on the future of urban clothing.

LUdovica Imperato

Ludovica graduated from the master degree “Fashion and visual arts” from the Architecture University of Venice in 2017 and won the “Best thesis” prize for her thesis entitled "Panoplia del ciclonauta" related to clothing for urban cyclists.

Since her adolescence she used to ride her bike everyday, hating the moment she arrived to her destination, either too sweaty or wet and not appropriately dressed. In 2016, the Belgian designer Françoise Pendville asked her to develop a raincoat for urban cyclists for her brand Cumulus, a great opportunity to further develop her experience in the commuters apparel.

She then had a simple idea : offer an alternative to the necessary - but ugly - reflective fluo jacket worn by cyclists in cities.

In December 2017 she became a resident designer at MAD Lab of Brussels in order to create her cyclists/commuters brand. But she was in need of a co-founder to manage the business part of the project and therefore asked the MAD to help her find this person. Luckily, the MAD put her directly in contact with Julien Gossé, having the same dream to revolutionize urban clothing. 

End of 2017, we met in Brussels and after a few discussions, the name Citizens© popped up and a new common brand was born. Our ambition is to make people commute actively everyday, in every condition. To achieve this goal, we are responsibly making the best functional streetwear for these urban commuters.

From January 2018 to September 2018, we developed our first product with the help of the MAD and Bioracer. We presented it during the European Mobility Week that took place from the 16th to the 23rd of September.

This first product is now ready, and pre-orders are open !